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Authenticity Testing

Certified. Every time.



Prosemi understands the challenges facing customers looking for verified quality and ensures that through authenticity testing purchases can be made with confidence.

The Prosemi team provides technical data based off visual inspection, package dimension measurement, XRF and X-ray, as well as functional, RoHs, and solderability testing.  

Additional testing includes:
  • Diode Voltage Testing 

  • Cross-Section 

  • Curve Tracing 

  • Chemical Decapsulation 

  • Heated Chemical Testing (1M2P, Dynasolve) 

  • Functional Test for analog device, such as regulators, switches, diodes, LEDs, MOSFETs, crystal oscillators, electronic and mechanical relay, transformer, DDR module flash and eprom programming 

  • LCR Parametric Testing for Capacitor, Inductor, Choke and Resistor 

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